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Exclusive Services

Opt-In Organisations

NREC and other backbone organisations in the EC community rely on strong partnerships and relationships in their communities to be able to influence policy and social reforms.


These organisations are known as Opt-In organisations which are registered Aboriginal-controlled service organisations and committed to working with NREC to co-design initiatives and actions for empowerment within the community.

Our Opt-In organisations are vital in bringing the voice of the Ngarrindjeri people to the table and assist us in the joint decision-making process to ensure that all initiatives are centred around the communities’ priorities.

By building our membership and partnerships, we will have a voice to influence the decisions of government in support of our regional agenda. Our partnership with government is important as we navigate through this reform agenda.

An agenda that is developed by the people of Ngarrindjeri Ruwe people.

Our Opt-In Organisations

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Let's Work Together

To find out more about becoming an Opt-In Organisation with NREC contact us at

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