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Our Governance

At the invitation of Empowered Communities, Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Empowered Communities (NREC) was formed in 2019. Since becoming part of Empowered Communities, NREC has developed a formal regional governance framework to facilitate joint decision making, shared collaboration and engagement. NREC is a neutral facilitator of reform and is actively:

  • building a membership base among Aboriginal organisations,

  • building partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders and government. 

  • actively engaging with the community to identify and enact community led priorities to achieve social and economic outcomes.

NREC continues to build our opt-in membership base, acting as a facilitator for community engagement, bringing together Ngarrindjeri and Aboriginal-controlled service organisations to achieve shared outcomes for our people and our Ruwe.

The NREC board consists of individuals who are well respected in the Ngarrindjeri communities, who bring the priorities of those they represent, to the decision-making table.

Strong regional governance is important to have representative membership for the Ngarrindjeri Ruwe voice to be heard and listened to locally and nationally. For every person in the Ngarrindjeri nation, and for our Ruwe as a whole.

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