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Supporting ideas, building relationships, uniting communities

NREC is supporting and uniting communities to build partnerships, networks and ideas in a holistic approach to strengthen opportunities regarding funding. NREC is a neutral convenor and will work with government, corporates and other key stakeholders to implement the region's strategic vision and goals through a well-designed and all-encompassing Joint Decision Making (JDM) process .

Ngarrindjeri Nation Forum

NREC is holding its first meeting of key community members to come together, this forum is one of a number of sessions, as we work collectively towards having a Voice in our future decision making for our Nation supported by collaborative governance models and collective future aspirations.

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NREC held a community forum on Wednesday 22 June 2022, to work together in progressing our local Joint Decision Making process.  As part of an extensive Community Engagement Process we will continue to seek community involvement and welcome all community members to come in and share their views to create a stronger, united community voice.



NREC will be running community forums to reaffirm the priorities set by community in the 2019 NREC survey.  These priorities set by community will assist NREC to make informed recommendations to organisations, government (local, state and federal) and other service providers on policies, programs and funding that impacts the Ngarrindjeri Nation.

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