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Support Build Unite

NREC is supporting and uniting communities to build partnerships, networks and ideas in a holistic approach to strengthen opportunities regarding funding. NREC is a neutral convenor and will work with government, corporates and other key stakeholders to implement the region's strategic vision and goals through a well-designed and all-encompassing Joint Decision Making (JDM) process .

Initiating and Developing Your Own Business

Are you currently involved in a business or exploring the idea of launching a new one?

NREC is pleased to announce that a Business Development officer will be available to visit our site every first Thursday of the month. If you wish to schedule an appointment or express your interest, please reach out to our office.

South Australia's First Nations  Voice to Parliament 

🗳️ Save the dates for South Australia's First Nations Voice to Parliament 🗓️

🔹 Early Voting Period: Wed 6 to Fri 15 March, 9 am to 5 pm 🚫 Closed: Sat 9, Sun 10 & Mon 11 March 📍 Polling Booth Open: Saturday, 16 March, 8 am to 6 pm in Murray Bridge

Let's make our voices heard! 🗣️✨ 

SAFNVTP_PollingLocations_4RiverlandSE A3 (print).jpg


NREC will be Leading this year's NAIDOC events. If you're keen on participating, kindly get in touch with our office. You can access the nomination form for the Ngarrindjeri NAIDOC Awards by downloading it here.

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