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Empowered Peoples Design Report

This report is the culmination of 18 months of engagement and design work by Indigenous leaders, communities and organisations across the eight Empowered Communities regions. In it, EC propose a range of reforms that build on decades of effort by Indigenous peoples to reclaim control in driving our own priorities for development.

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NREC Booklet

This booklet provides a history of NREC, and the journey the Ngarrindjeri People took in creating it as an organisation.

It also details some key work that has been completed in the Lower River Murray, Lakes and Coorong Region for Ngarrindjeri People, with some key data.


Community Priorities

This image details the seven key priorities NREC was able to collate from the voices in the Ngarrindjeri Communities.

The priorities form the basis for NREC's current goals for Community Engagement and are at the centre of our Regional Development Agenda.