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Our Vision

Welcome to Ngarrindjeri Ruwe Empowered Communities (NREC), the backbone organisation for Empowered Communities in the Lower River Murray, Lakes and Coorong region.


The Ngarrindjeri people have a vision for empowerment.


NREC’s vision is for all Ngarrindjeri people to care, share, know, and respect the lands, the waters, and all living things of our Yarluwar-Ruwe. We pay respect to the courage, resilience, creativity, and leadership of past generations (the Old People).

Healthy Country is a goal that goes beyond supporting ecological outcomes and the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders in their current state. It occurs from the very beginning of the life-chain, from birth and through every stage of development. This is at the core of our priorities and the development of our development agenda.

Our goal is to advance the Ngarrindjeri people as a Nation, throughout each stage of the life-chain. The aim is to build capabilities for Ngarrindjeri people and create career pathways which will keep our people on country. By creating these pathways, we will be investing in our children; our future leaders and will continue to invest in our own regional development, building to sovereignty over our own futures throughout current and future lifetimes.

We envision a joint decision-making process, where the voices of our community are brought to us, and we in turn ensure the government prioritise these voices when decisions regarding our region are made. We envision a process where the government are the enablers to the Ngarrindjeri community’s decisions.

The voices of our communities deserve to be heard and, more importantly, listened to at all levels of government. The decisions that impact the Ngarrindjeri people, should rest with the Ngarrindjeri communities. Which is why NREC incorporates the national Indigenous Voice framework in all of our community engagement and action plans, ensuring that our communities and the government can work through us to co-design policies and frameworks which benefit our communities and align with Ngarrindjeri priorities.

We see a future where the Ngarrindjeri voice is heard throughout the government, and where decisions about our Ruwe rest solely within Ngarrindjeri hands.

To learn about our priorities click the link below.

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