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South Australian Voice

South Australia is implementing its First Nations Voice to South Australian Parliament

In March 2023, the South Australian Parliament passed the First Nations Voice Act and the South Australian First Nations Voice to Parliament was established. In March 2024, eligible South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will be voting to choose their representatives in the SA First Nations Voice to Parliament. 

The SA First Nations Voice is different to the National Voice and only relates to South Australia. 

The SA First Nations Voice is a state-level initiative and will be a direct and independent line of communication for First Nations people to South Australia's Parliament and the government.

South Australia’s First Nations Voice will have 2 levels, a Local First Nations Voice and a State First Nations Voice. They will work together but will have different roles and responsibilities:

There will be an elected body for each of the 6 Local First Nations Voice regions. Our region is Region 4: Riverland and South East and will have 7 elected members. 


The State First Nations Voice will be made up of the 2 joint presiding members of each Local First Nations Voice, with a total of 12 members.

Only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enrolled in South Australia can vote or nominate as a candidate in the election.


The inaugural SA First Nations Voice election will be held on Saturday 16 March 2024. Elections will be managed by the Electoral Commission South Australia.

How do I participate?

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